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Analyzer Local Cabinets

Very often the analyzers will be installed in cabinets in order to have lower cost and to have the process sample near the analyzer.

The cabinet is self standing mounting type and the size will be defined in function of the application type.

The frame will consist of a series of standard S.S. profiles. The structure and the panels will be designed to support a minimum load capacity of 120 Kg/m2.

The walls of the cabinet will be made Internal and external S.S. sheet, with thickness 1.5mm.

All walls will be thermally insulated in order to guarantee a minimum fire protection rating of half an hour on the external side. Moreover, the three side walls will have a thickness of 20-40 mm and thermal conductivity (K factor) not exceed 0,25 W/m2.

Sunshade roof complete with overhangs made of S.S. is included. The roof is hanging from the walls of 400 or more mm all around the cabinet.

The floor will be fabricated and sealed to avoid leakages. The floor plate surface will be realized in SS316 welded to the underlying structural steel.

The cabinet will be fitted with one or two doors no-folding construction, having opening direction outwards and will be fitted with locksets complete with an exterior handle and air tight neoprene seals around the perimeter.

The cabinet will be fitted with an internal and external lamp

Furthermore, the cabinet will be provided with:

  • Junction Box for power supply distribution;
  • junction box for analogue and digital signal;
  • switch for lights.

All the electrical components will be suitable for Safe, ZONE 2 or ZONE 1 ATEX II 2 or 3G.

Safety System

To avoid any accumulation of hazardous gases, will be installed inside the Cabinet HC or Toxic sensors.

A control logic will activate an aspirator when the concentration of gas rises to dangerous levels, local alarm annunciator and remote alarm will be generate.


  • FRAME TYPE: Painted Stainless Steel; not painted S.S.304 or 316
  • HOT and COLD AREA: Whit air conditioner and internal insulation
  • PRESSURIZED PRESSURIZED CABINET: when the analyzers are for safe area and external area is dangerous