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HVAC and Air Conditioning System

To meet the markets the markets demands for a complete single source solution, we designed and built our own Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning unit for installation in hazardous areas, dealing with the most severe environmental conditions. Several years of experience in the system integration market with production of process Analyzer Shelters has allowed Augusta System Integration to manufacture high quality and top performing HVAC units capable of meeting the demands and the requirements of our Customers.

Our HVAC systems can be made in according to our standard models, or based on specific customer requirements; in any case we use a standardized basis for technical design, which allows us to create always a reliable and easy-to-use machine, suitable for cooling, heating and pressurization of shelter an cabinets located in areas at high risk of explosion.

All the mechanical parts, the electrical components and the alarm and command panels are positioned so as to facilitate the control, ensuring a simple maintenance and replacement of all components. The structure can be made of painted carbon steel, or stainless steel (AISI 304 or 316) for a better durability; internally it is insulated with a sound-absorbing thermal insulation, to minimize the noise of the machine. The base is made of painted carbon steel; on it there are some holes to allow the lifting of the machine. All mechanical and electrical parts are shown in the following.

The compressor is semi-hermetic type, three phase power supply. A heater power supply (power supply single-phase) placed under the oil sump of the compressor ensures the correct operation of the compressor, even when the outside temperature is very low (less than 10° C). The condenser and the evaporator are “direct expansion” type with batteries made with copper piping and aluminum fins. If requested, it is possible to have special batteries with copper pipes, copper fins, fully tinned and brass frame (for higly-corrosive ambients).The compartment of the condenser is equipped with an axial fan with three-phase power supply for the removal of heat absorbed by the shelter.

Pressure gauges for low pressure (LP) and high pressure (HP) are placed in a prominent position, together with a visual indicator of the refrigerant.

In the compartment of controls and commands are housed the pressure switch with automatic reset control of the cooling circuit: PSL-01 and PC-01; is placed next to these also the pressure switch with manual reset PSH-01. In the same compartment can also be found an outlet pressure gauge (LP PORT) and a socket for the charge of the refrigerant circuit (HP PORT).

Heating is accomplished by electric battery, located inside the evaporator compartment with tubes in AISI 304, three phase power supply. Accordingly to customer request is possible to have fully redundant heating battery.

The air circulation is guaranteed by a centrifugal fan, with three phase power supply, suitable characteristics to dispose of the thermal energy from the evaporator battery (cooling operation, "SUMMER") or the electric heating exchanger (heating mode "WINTER").

The pressurization and air exchange inside the shelter shall be provided by pressurization fans (two fans, 100% fully redundant).
If requested, the pressurization unit can be built separately from the rest of the system.

In normal operation will be operated only one fan at a time (DUTY FAN), manually selectable by the CONTROL UNIT (command "FAN DUTY SELECTOR"). A spare fan (STAND-BY FAN) is always ready to work automatically, according to the alarm conditions.
In case of low pressure inside the shelter STAND-BY FAN will act aid to DUTY FAN (simultaneous operation of both fans), to increase as much as possible the pressurization.
In case of malfunction DUTY FAN will act to replace the fan STAND-BY FAN spare (only one fan running).

The front compartment of the HVAC system contains all the control devices and command of the system, in addition to the electrical panels that provide power to all electrical devices.
The user interface is constituted by a synoptic panel that contains all the warning lights and the selectors of operation required for the control of the HVAC system in every required conditions.
The control panel can be fully customized according to customer requirements.