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Sample Conditioning System including PRS, Fast Loop Pumps and Sample Probes

The design and manufacturing of efficient sample conditioning systems is fundamental for the integration of increasingly more sophisticated, precise and accurate analyzers. Thanks to the long experience, Augusta System Integration Srl is capable of engineering and manufacturing sample conditioning systems that can satisfy the requirements of any type of analyzer.

Our Technical Department’s standard activities include:

  • Detailed analysis of Customer technical documentation;
  • Sample composition and chemical/physical characteristics analysis for selection of suitable materials and ratings;
  • Fast loop calculation with proprietary program;
  • Phase Envelope and Dew Point calculation with dedicated scientific software;
  • Design of sample conditioning system with verification of the analyzer’s critical parameters (temperature, flow rate, filtering requirements);
  • P&ID and GA drawings development.

All materials purchased for construction undergo stringent quality controls upon arrival in order to prevent problems from potentially occurring in the manufacturing stage.